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Cara Veterinary Clinic – Enniskillen

We offer a professional, caring and personalised service in a friendly and welcoming manner, so that your pet lives a long, healthy and happy life.

Routine Preventative Medicine & Healthcare

Routine checkups and preventing avoidable illnesses are key to your pet’s health. We provide a range of routine preventative medicine and healthcare treatments from vaccinations to dental treatment.
Routine Healthcare
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For a long and healthy life it is important to vaccinate your pet against common, highly contagious and serious infectious diseases. Vaccination will stimulate your pet’s immune system should it encounter one of these diseases.

Canine Vaccinations

Distemper virus
Parainfluenza virus
Canine Infectious Hepatitis
Kennel Cough
Rabies (if due to travel)

Feline Vaccinations

Cat flu
Feline Panleukopenia – Enteritis
Feline Leukaemia Virus

Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea

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It is always advised to have your pet neutered for medical, behavioural and financial reasons. Neutering prevents unwanted and often difficult pregnancies and avoids unwanted puppies. Neutered animals are often calmer and better pets. Neutering removes significant health risks associated with pregnancies, womb infections and some types of cancers (testicular and mammary tumours). Make an appointment with Cara Veterinary Clinic to have your pet neutered.
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A small micro-chip is inserted under the skin on the neck. This simple and inexpensive procedure is a permanent way of identifying your pet so that you and your lost pet will be reunited as quickly as possible. As from April 2016, micro-chipping is a requirement by law.
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Dental Care

Good dental care is a vital requisite for a healthy and happy pet – bacteria can develop in a build-up of plague on the teeth which can lead to bleeding gums which allows the bacteria to enter the blood stream and potentially cause organ damage. An annual check-up of your pet’s teeth and gums is highly recommended so that teeth can be cleaned and polished and problems or potential problems identified and treated. Cara Veterinary will do extractions of teeth that are damaged beyond repair but general anaesthetic will be used so the pet doesn’t feel any pain.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Treatment & Diagnosis
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Make an appointment at Cara Veterinary Clinic to speak to the veterinary surgeon or nurse during consulting hours
  • for routine checks
  • vaccinations
  • if your pet is unwell
  • in the event of an accident or injury
  • or for pre and post op checks.
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Medical Treatment

Once your pet has undergone the necessary tests and a diagnosis has been made, we will administer the medical treatment required for a speedy return to good health. The staff of Cara Veterinary Clinic will continue to keep up-to-date with the latest in medical treatments through ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
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Whether minor or major, surgical procedures require a general anaesthetic which can be an extremely worrying time for owners. Cara Veterinary Clinic have invested in the latest surgical and anaesthetic equipment to minimise risks associated with the anaesthetic or that may occur during the anaesthetic.
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Urine Analysis

Urine sampling frequently provides a great insight into the health of the pet. At Cara Veterinary Clinic, urine analysis will be done in-house, giving instant results for prompt diagnosis and treatment.
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Hospitalisation and Intravenous fluid therapy

Often animals that are very unwell and are not eating or drinking need to be admitted for further observation and treatment. At Cara Veterinary, we will provide intravenous fluids through a drip to aid in the resuscitation and recovery of the sick animal.
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Blood Sampling

Cara Veterinary Clinic is equipped with the latest in blood sampling facilities so that in-house results can be obtained in the minimum time. Where more specialist and complex testing is required, samples will be sent to external laboratories. Blood sampling to screen for potential illnesses result in more accurate diagnosis leading to the best and most appropriate treatment.
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There is no easy way to tell a pet owner that their beloved animal friend cannot be treated and there is no option but to put the pet to sleep. At Cara Veterinary, staff will make sure this very traumatic and sad time is made that little bit easier by ensuring a pain free passing for the pet and that the owner has the space and time to say those very important and special good byes.

Where desired, owners may request cremation with or without the return of ashes.

Emergency Care & Out of Hours

When the worst comes to the worst , we’re here to help, to provide out of hours care when needed.
Emergency Care
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We may have to X-ray your pet to make an accurate diagnosis. This can be done in-house when your pet has been admitted. The latest X-ray equipment that Cara Veterinary has installed is digital, giving optimum images that can be stored in your pet’s file to be referred to in the future if necessary.
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Ultrasonography is a non-invasive way of finding the information needed to make a diagnosis. The result is instant and a biopsy can be taken to confirm or eliminate suspicions. Cara Veterinary Clinic has the latest in ultrasonograpy equipment and Helen, our veterinary surgeon, has undertaken specialist training in ultrasonography and digital imaging.

Other Services

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Weight Management & Nutrition Clinics

Pets, just like humans, can become overweight when the amount they take in is greater than what they use up in energy. Animals that are overweight will develop health issues. Cara Veterinary Clinic will work closely with clients and pets to create an optimal weight loss plan with regular weigh-ins. Owners will be provided with the necessary information and best product recommendation to achieve a healthy weight.
Services for Your Pet
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Behaviour Consultations

Occasionally animal behaviour can spoil a relationship between a pet and his/her owner. Our veterinary nurse, Emma, is qualified in animal behaviour and welfare and will be happy to discuss any of your pet’s worrying behavioural issues. Make an appointment to speak to Emma.
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Puppy Parties

Puppy parties at Cara Veterinary Clinic are the ideal way for new and existing owners to avail of free information, to develop pet socialisation skills, for product ideas, for freebies and exchange of ideas.
Huge thank you to Cara Veterinary Clinic for the excellent care provided for Tilly our very special yard cat. Thanks from all the team at Equine Welfare Network.
Kerri with Tilly the cat.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff- I am in process of registering all my much loved pets here the surgery is state of the art and reasonable pricing. And stockist of good products Many thanks.
Hannah with Felix

Took 8 puppies here yesterday for their first injections and the level of service and knowledge was excellent. Highly recommend anyone to go here. Wishing you’s all the best for the future
Stuart with all 8 little babies!